Cleaning Binder {33 pages}

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If you’re an organization freak like me who just loves having everything all nice and tidy in one spot, this 33-page cleaning binder printables set is for you!

It will organize your life in an incredible way, making sure that you can find and get to your most important information quickly. Because who doesn’t hate paper clutter? And paper clutter seems to be the #1 monster in so many homes.

This binder is one great way to not only tame that clutter, but help you have a more streamlined approach to cleaning your home!

Pages include: 

      • Cover
      • Spines (1", 1 1/2", 2", 3", & 4")
      • To Do List
      • Notes
      • Cleaning Supplies Shopping List
      • Cleaning Supplies Inventory
      • Cleaning Supplies Review
      • Weekly Cleaning Checklist
      • Yearly Cleaning Calendar
      • Family Chore Chart
      • Seasonal Cleaning Checklist
      • Monthly Cleaning Schedule
      • Laundry Symbols Guide
      • Cleaning Tracker
      • Kitchen Cleaning Checklist
      • Bathrooms Cleaning Checklist
      • Living Room Cleaning Checklist
      • Bedrooms Cleaning Checklist
      • Dining Room Cleaning Checklist
      • Outside Cleaning Checklist
      • Entryway & Porch Cleaning Checklist
      • Closet Cleaning Checklist
      • Laundry Room Cleaning Checklist
      • 30 Day Declutter Challenge
      • Spring Cleaning Checklist
      • Laundry Stickers Sheet 

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Customer Reviews

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Mid-recovery horder, ever so thankful for this!

As a military spouse who is constantly moving, homes don't hold as much value as things do. I've hard a hard time realizing that possessions don't bring me happiness and I have to find that within myself and my walk with the Lord. As we just purchased our first home (after 7 moves) the purging has been super hard emotionally, but very freeing. I needed something desperately to get me on the right track to get a cleaning routine done, as it feels like I am constantly running in circles repeating the same chore over and over and over. This binder helped not only me but my husband and sons, realize that not everything is my responsibility and they've got to carry their own load (of laundry)! We've got a long way to go, but we're so much further than we were. Thank you so much!


Very thorough sheets to put in your binder. Everything was thought of. After I received my download I quickly printed the sheets and placed it in my binder how I see fit for my lifestyle. Organized and colorful!

Cleaning Binder is excellent

I purchased the cleaning binder and it is very thorough. It has every room with lots of sheets to make cleaning organized and simplified. Excellent buy!

Flexible, easy to use tool for any home

Another beautiful binder! While I haven't fully incorporated this into our home cycle yet, it is a goal. And this is my tool for accomplishing that. It is very thorough, yet flexible enough to meet you where you need to begin (thank goodness!)

Cleaning Binder to the Rescue

Wow, we run a pretty tighty house when it comes to cleaning but who likes it, right? But, this great binder sure helps you lay things out so you don't have a ton of cleaning to do all in one day. Weekly cleaning, monthly cleaning, yearly cleaning. It just helps to stay organized and plan out these chores so you can let your mind rest assured you aren't forgetting anything around your home!