Coloring Gratitude Prompts Binder

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You're tired. Worn out. Stressed. But you know you have to keep going.

You can't stop. There's no time to stop. To reflect. To do anything, but everything that's on your never-ending to do list.

Sometimes, when you are the MOST busiest, the thing you need to do the most is stop.

When you're able to step back, even for a moment, you see things a lot more clearly.

You must LIVE in the place of freedom.

You must LIVE in the place that is stepping back, so you can learn to SAY NO to all the things that bid for our every second.

This 15-page coloring gratitude prompts binder is a fun way to help you relax, coloring and melting your stress away, all the while, asking you questions that dig deeper and help you find more meaning and thankfulness in and for your life.

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