Financial Freedom Bundle
Financial Freedom Bundle
Financial Freedom Bundle
Financial Freedom Bundle
Financial Freedom Bundle
Financial Freedom Bundle
Financial Freedom Bundle
Financial Freedom Bundle

Financial Freedom Bundle

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Are you in a financial rut? In debt up to your eyeballs and can't seem to get out? Feel like you're on a hamster wheel getting no where?

Several years ago, I was in over $30k debt after my ex-husband abandoned me. Today, I am completely debt-free and paid cash for my SUV, still as a single mom!

The reason you're not getting out of debt is because your income is seeping out in places you do not even see! 

This Financial Freedom bundle will give you the tools and education needed to SHOW YOU those cracks, so you can stop your money from leaving your hands in the first place. Once you stop all those cracks, you can make more money and it'll actually stay WITH YOU! 

Before I became a stay-at-home-mom, I was in the financial world and handled other people's finances on a daily basis. I saw what they didn't, helping them get ahead in their finances, and I can help you do the same!

You will receive:

1) The Budgeting Binder - you need to be able to track your finances to get a complete understanding of your financial picture, but you don't know what to track. There's good news. The Budgeting Binder is all laid out for you. It'll tell you exactly what to track, so you can make a plan to start flying financially and get out of the hole you're in. 

2) How to Become Financially Free - you need to know how I went from being in 30k debt to being financially free so that you can replicate that success. In this book, I go into great detail to show you how.

3) How to Quickly Add $1k to Your Emergency Fund - without a solid emergency fund in place, you will always be swimming upstream against the current. Life comes up all the time and you need to be prepared, but you have no money to set aside and feel broke. This book will show you, in creative ways, how ANYONE can add $1k to savings!

4) How to Reduce Your Power Bill Dramatically in 60 Days - after reading and implementing these unique and very detailed tips, most people save, on average, 50% on their energy bills. If you pay $100/month right now, that's an extra $50/month in your pocket x 12 = $600/year in savings. 

5) Money Saving Tricks: 30 Days to a Better Life - this book is one of my most popular books. Readers say it's so good, they come back to it time and time again to glean more tips and tricks. This is all the good stuff about saving money in just about every area you can think of. 

6) Top Notch Credit Score Secrets You Need to Know - if you're credit score is not an A, I'll tell you right now, you are overpaying thousands to tens of thousands of dollars more each year than you have to. Let's fix that! I've been in the banking industry for over a decade. I know this stuff inside and out and I share all that expertise in this book. 


 7) 11 Ways to Save $1100 - I teamed up with 10 other saving money experts to provide you this one-of-a-kind book, specialized in helping you save over a thousand dollars. Think you can't do it? You'd be surprised. Each chapter goes into great detail of how we all save a lot of money. This isn't just one person sharing advice, but a great collection of well known authors and bloggers. You'll get the best of the best here.

Instant digital download (nothing will be shipped).

Customer Reviews

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Great value information

Wow! So much great info here. This is a very practical guide for anyone who wants to organise their home budget and personal finances. Thank you for this fantastic content Sarah.

Helpful Bundle!

This bundle is fabulous! It's chock-full of tips from the ebooks and then the binder really helps you get thing organized for the year. Very helpful for budgeting!

Lots of Value

There is a ton of good tips to help you save money and lower bills. The budget planner is colorful and well laid out. this is very helpful

SO much value!!!

I wasn't quite sure what to expect with this bundle, but I was just blown away! I know you might be thinking that it's strange to pay money to get out of debt or learn how to better manage your money, but this bundle just makes sense. These resources aren't just a few pages with the same old things you're used to reading when you search for one of these topics. These are full ebooks that are just filled with information that will get you where you want to be. I never knew how much I didn't know about my credit score and how to improve it. This is a bundle you're going to want to buy!

FABULOUS RESOURCE (and homeschooling bonus!)

I loved this bundle of resources so much that I'm actually using this with our home ec/budgeting unit in homeschooling this year! Thankful for Sarah's wisdom and experience all in one spot.