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30 Days of Prayer for the Mom Feeling Weak Binder {10 Pages}

30 Days of Prayer for the Mom Feeling Weak Binder {10 Pages}

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We've all had those days where we feel like we are failing our role as a mom. There are days you're struggling to keep yourself afloat, and it's hard to bear the weight of each step. Mom guilt is so REAL!! 

Sometimes on days like these, it can be hard to pray because you have limited strength to speak to God from a place of faith.

Whether you feel weak in your spirit, your mindset, your heart, or your physical strength, you can use this 30 Days of Prayer for the Mom Feeling Weak Binder to encourage you in your path towards strength.

Prayers included:

  • Day 1: Pray for strength to get through the day
  • Day 2: Pray for patience with your children
  • Day 3: Pray for guidance as a parent
  • Day 4: Pray for wisdom in making decisions
  • Day 5: Pray for grace when you feel overwhelmed
  • Day 6: Pray for forgiveness from your mistakes
  • Day 7: Pray for strength to keep going
  • Day 8: Pray for courage when you're afraid
  • Day 9: Pray for peace in your heart
  • Day 10: Pray for hope when you feel hopeless
  • Day 11: Pray for love to fill your life
  • Day 12: Pray for compassion when you're struggling
  • Day 13: Pray for faith when you doubt
  • Day 14: Pray for joy in the midst of sorrow
  • Day 15: Pray for strength to be vulnerable
  • Day 16: Pray for healing from past hurts
  • Day 17: Pray for courage to face your fears
  • Day 18: Pray for wisdom to know what to do
  • Day 19: Pray for peace when you're feeling anxious
  • Day 20: Pray for hope when you're feeling down
  • Day 21: Pray for love when you feel alone
  • Day 22: Pray for compassion when you're judging yourself
  • Day 23: Pray for faith when you're afraid to stand for your beliefs
  • Day 24: Pray for joy in the mundane moments
  • Day 25: Pray for strength to face your fears
  • Day 26: Pray for healing of your broken heart
  • Day 27: Pray for courage to start anew
  • Day 28: Pray for wisdom as your move forward
  • Day 29: Pray for peace in your soul
  • Day 30: Pray for hope that tomorrow will be better


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      Krishaun Muldrow
      A True Blessing

      This resource has truly helped me have direction in praying specifically for my children instead of the same broad prayers every day I'm so grateful for this resource