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Christian Daily Planner {500+ pages}

Christian Daily Planner {500+ pages}

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I believe in living the most simple, peaceful, and effective life possible and the truth is...that I can't serve my family, my friends, and the world, if I'm constantly rushing around.

My time is incredibly valuable and so is yours! But unlike money, once time is spent, you can't just get it back. You can't earn more. So you really want to be productive and fruitful with what you're given.  

This 2023/24 Christian Daily Planner is your solution to taming the wild beast within and having the peaceful life you dream about. It doesn't come overnight. It's a process, but the more you use this planner, the more you will learn to manage your time in a completely new and effective way. 

You'll start noticing you're accomplishing a lot more than you ever thought possible and THAT'S when you can enjoy life and have fun...because you're not constantly rushing around all the time with your constant list of to-do's. 

Printable pages include: 

  • Cover and Spines
  • Back Cover
  • Year at a Glance Calendar
  • Hourly Daily Schedule
  • Monthly Anniversaries Tracker 
  • Monthly Birthdays Tracker
  • Monthly Important Dates Planner
  • Address Book
  • Encouraging Quotes 
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Weekly/Monthly Goals
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Focus Goals
  • Planner Stickers (9 pages full!)
  • Monthly Cover Pages
  • Daily Calendar/Planner (pages for every day of the year)
  • Inspirational Wall Art
  • ...and TONS MORE!!!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1278 reviews

There's simply no planner out there that is better!! From the organization, the colors, and words of encouragement it makes life that much better!

Karen Raver
Complete Planner!!

This is a very well put together and complete planning kit. Everything you need to track and plan your day is in this kit. If it isn’t in here, you don’t need it!

Preccillia Shaw
The Christian Daily Planning

The Christian Daily Planner is wonderful. I am so happy to have chosen the planner because inside you will find every page great and useful. The layout is so amazing. Thank you for designing such a wonderful tool to help us on our journey in life.

Greta Bogle-murray
Amazing resources

I wanted resources that would edify my walk with Christ, something that would remind me of the promises of God and brighten my day. There is nothing better out there. Thank you so much for your innovative idea that is blessing so many. Thank you so much. Is there a 2025 journal? Once again Thank you

Bubba James
Bursts of colors and spirituality!

The colors in this planner are vibrantly motivating!