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30 Days of Prayer for Mothers Binder {64 Pages}

30 Days of Prayer for Mothers Binder {64 Pages}

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Being a mother and raising children is one of the most difficult, yet most rewarding, jobs in the word!

Parenthood comes more naturally to some women, but we all strive to be the absolute best mothers we can be for our kids. 

This 30 Days Of Prayer For Mothers Binder is perfect to support and encourage all moms on their journey. 

May the power of these prayers uplift you no matter what season of motherhood you are in!

Prayers included:

  • Day 1: God wants mothers to be honored {Exodus 20:12}
  • Day 2: God believes mothers are beautiful from within {1 Peter 3:4}
  • Day 3: God understands the hurting heart of women who struggle to have children {Psalm 113:9}
  • Day 4: God wants mothers to teach their children {Proverbs 6:20}
  • Day 5: God gives mothers the gift of comfort {Isaiah 66:13}
  • Day 6: God wants us to give our mothers respect and joy {Proverbs 23:22-25}
  • Day 7: Mothers have the gift of kindness {Proverbs 11:16}
  • Day 8: Love helps you view your family in a wonderful light, no matter what {I Peter 4:8}
  • Day 9: Beauty of a mother goes farther than skin deep {Proverbs 31:30}
  • Day 10: Being a mother is blessed by God {Luke 1:46-48}
  • Day 11: Mothers have the ability to tear down or build up with words and actions {Proverbs 14:1}
  • Day 12: Money is not the only inheritance children can receive from their mothers {Colossians 3:24}
  • Day 13: Mothers can teach their children what they’ve learned through experience {Deuteronomy 4:9}
  • Day 14: God gives mothers strength to do what is needed {Philippians 4:13}
  • Day 15: We will reap the rewards of our doing good {Galatians 6:9}
  • Day 16: We can be a shining light to our families {Philippians 2:14-15}
  • Day 17: God helps us through those days when we feel like nothing we do is right {Isaiah 41:13}
  • Day 18: God has not given us a spirit of fear {2 Timothy 1:7}
  • Day 19: God will give us strength to see us through the toughest days {Isaiah 40:31}
  • Day 20: God knows the future so we don’t have to {Ephesians 2:10}
  • Day 21: Take time to enjoy the little things of life {Ecclesiastes 2:24}
  • Day 22: God has wonderful plans for the future of you and your family {Jeremiah 29:11}
  • Day 23: God wants children to be proud of their mothers {Proverbs 17:6}
  • Day 24: My days are numbered so I need to use them wisely {Psalm 90:12}
  • Day 25: Honoring your mother allows the Lord to help you {Ephesians 6:1-3}
  • Day 26: As mothers, we should learn from older women who have been mothers {Titus 2:3-5}
  • Day 27: God knew us before we ever left our mother’s womb {Psalm 139:13}
  • Day 28: God wants those in your house to serve Him {Joshua 24:15}
  • Day 29: Children are a gift from God {Psalm 127:3}
  • Day 30: Our days are short on this earth, and we should make them count {Psalm 90:12}


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      Kristin Becker
      Inspiring great value

      I’ve been following Sarah and her website for years. I love her story and find all her items very inspiring. Very well thought out and a great value.

      rose reyes

      Was very sweet ,well thought out
      I enjoyed it very much and have told many family members about