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Be True To Yourself Coloring Wall Art

Be True To Yourself Coloring Wall Art

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Life becomes so MUCH easier and less complex when you are fully honest with yourself and others of what you feel, value, and need.

These be true to yourself coloring wall art sheets are the perfect way to unwind while reminding yourself that it's OKAY to! You were created special and unique by God. We are not all robots at the whim of a Creator. He loves us and designed us to BE unique and we need to get to a place in our hearts, where we are comfortable sharing that. 

It's time to stop hiding how you really feel, don't say what you THINK other people want to hear, and stop doing those things you think you're SUPPOSED to do, but don’t actually want to do! God wants our hearts fully faithful to Him of a great desire to please Him; He doesn't want robots always saying the "right" thing because they feel they have to!!

You can use these black and white wall art sheets alone, or color them with your kids in their homeschooling activities to instill this mindset or color them yourself! 

Hang them on the wall (kids in their rooms) when you're done and be reminded daily to be true to yourself!! You could even use them as binder covers, or give them as gifts to friends and family as beautiful reminders. What about sticking one on your teen daughter's bathroom mirror to encourage her heart one morning?! 

    This printables set includes 5 coloring sheets with quotes like:

    • Be true to yourself
    • Do what makes you happy
    • Take time for yourself
    • Dare to be different
    • Believe in yourself


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    SHELLY Vandiver
    Loved them

    Perfect set for wall in staff office I absolutely love them all.

    Colby Swank