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Coloring Through Your Emotions {Coloring Book}

Coloring Through Your Emotions {Coloring Book}

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I'm not a person who believes in glossing over things. When something is wrong, we should deal with it, so we can let go of it and move on.

I created these coloring sheets for myself work through my own emotions.

As an emotional checkup, I've been taking one coloring sheet a day (all 30 pages are different designs) and really asking myself if there's anything in my life that applies to that emotion.

On the back of the coloring page, I write the things that come up and pray through them, asking God to help me, then releasing them and letting them go, choosing not to let them burden me any longer.

They've really helped me to realize I was holding onto some things I didn't know I was holding onto and I hope they can help you with whatever you're feeling too.

30 printable pages of emotions include:

  • Happy
  • Sorry
  • Hopeful
  • Insecure
  • Surprised
  • Lonely
  • Excited
  • Confused
  • Kind
  • Disappointed
  • Confident
  • Angry
  • Motivated
  • Unsure
  • Powerful
  • and tons more! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Melody Miller
Loved them!!!

I apsolutly loved them. I really needed the pick me up. I have been battling colorectal cancer stage 2B and receiving chemotherapy every other week. Thank you so much for them. I greatly appreciated them more than you will ever know!!!

deantranee Fisher
Another Purchase That is Well Worth it!!!!

Printed some of these 2 to color with different color schemes. There are enough emotions for a persom to have so many different momemts!!

Courtney Smith
Great Tool for Self Awareness and Journaling

I love using these pages to calm down and sit with my emotions for a bit. It helps me to just accept them for what they are (feelings) and work through them to come to a solution at the end of my journaling session. Taking the time to color them makes me really think about what I'm feeling and I use these pages as journaling prompts for more self awareness! They're great!

Kristy B
These are great!

I love these color pages. They really help me when my depression is trying to get the best of me. Thank you so much, Sarah.

wanda young
Just what i needed

I am enjoying your emotions coloring pages. I'm having a lot of health complications and i find that coloring helps me to become distracted from my chronic pain. My illness causes a lot of pain all over my body at anytime each day. Sometimes I don't get much sleep which in turn makes the pain even worse. I go through so many emotions, depression, and hurt due to my illness. So being able to express my feelings with your coloring pages, helps me to let out so much frustration in a healthy and fun way. Thank you for your helping me to know i am not alone and reminding me to stay encouraged.