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Graduation Stickers 2024 - 2030 {7 Pages}

Graduation Stickers 2024 - 2030 {7 Pages}

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Want to add a cute personal and celebratory touch to gifts and crafts for the graduate in your life?

You'll have a blast with all the creative and practical uses for these Graduation Stickers!

There's a set for each year from 2024 - 2030.

Use them to decorate handmade or store-bought cards.

Add them as embellishments on invitations, graduation party favors, wrapping paper, or gift bags. 

Decorate memorable scrapbook pages of graduation day with them.

Express your gratitude to those who came to your graduation or gave you gifts with thank you cards decorated with these stickers.

You could also make a memory jar with these cute stickers on it, then fill it up with all the fond memories of the day. 

These 50+ graduation stickers are SUPER versatile.

Each sticker measures 2.5" x 2" when printed.

Stickers include:

  • Happy Graduation 2024
  • Happy Graduation 2025
  • Happy Graduation 2026
  • Happy Graduation 2027
  • Happy Graduation 2028
  • Happy Graduation 2029
  • Happy Graduation 2030

Format: PDF 

Here's how to print stickers at home


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