Happily Ever Blogger Bundle
Happily Ever Blogger Bundle
Happily Ever Blogger Bundle
Happily Ever Blogger Bundle
Happily Ever Blogger Bundle
Happily Ever Blogger Bundle
Happily Ever Blogger Bundle
Happily Ever Blogger Bundle

Happily Ever Blogger Bundle

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*The newest bundle in the Sarah Titus collection. By far, the current most popular product in the store to date, having sales that more than doubled the previous most popular product! 

I believe creating a blog should be your dream come true, not a nightmare of overwhelm, tailspinning, and technical difficulties.

Are you frustrated because you started blogging, but are not seeing the results you hoped for?

Do you feel like you’re tailspinning out of control, not knowing what to work on and when?

And how can you POSSIBLY BE everywhere at once in order to gain the traffic you so desperately need, in order to continue blogging?

You will receive:

1) Blogger Stats Binder

You can't just look at a blogger and compare where they are NOW to where you're at now. They are ahead of you, so it's not a fair comparison! This 30-page binder helps you see their entire journey, so you can compare the month you're in currently to where they were in that same month of blogging. Information collected over the years, directly from the source (income reports, webinars, etc.) Binder includes four top bloggers and goes into detail of their entire blogging journal from start to finish with as much detail as possible. This is what I use to compare my own growth with theirs to see if I'm on the right track or not, and for the first time ever, it's available to YOU!

2) Finding Your Why: The Life-Changing Process to Find Meaning

This is one of the most valuable books in this whole bundle. Whether you've been blogging a long time or are just starting out, you've never heard this information that is so key to building an empire right out of the gates! It is the secret to my success and no one teaches it correctly online!!! 

3) Tools for Building a Solid Foundation

There are sneaky ways of getting traffic that you don't even know. Things you can do without trying. All the tricks and tools that you NEED in order to create a success, money-making blog. You can spend a year researching all this info. online, can grab it all right now in this book and take the fast pass to creating wealth.

4) How to Get People to See Your Content

SEO is not as complicated as everyone seems to make it. This book dives right into all the technical aspects and breaks it down step-by-step to show you how I get over 40,000 pageviews from Google alone, every single month. You'll also learn what it takes to make a post go viral and what you need to do to truly be seen above all the clutter online.

5) How to Easily Make Money on Your Blog Today

This book dives deep into how to make money from your blog, including ads, sponsors, affiliates, and even products. Once you have this information in your toolkit, you're ready to rock the world and make money EASILY. Selling becomes second nature, and it all comes from someone who's been making money selling online for over 20 years!

6) How to Make Money When Blogging is Slow

There are ebbs and flows with ANY business model you choose. In this book, I'll show you how to plan ahead so you're always a step ahead of the game and what to do DURING the slow season, so you never fall behind.

7) Why You're Not Making Money Like the Pro-Bloggers

Written by someone who makes 7-figures a year, there are very distinct things that Pro-Bloggers do that you are most likely missing. But I'm an analytics geek and I love getting to the root of things. Once at the root, I can tell you exactly what the Pro-Bloggers are all doing, that you're not, and why you're not making 6 and 7 figures like them.


*Books are available only within the Happy Ever Blogger Bundle.

Instant digital download (nothing will be shipped).

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Invest in Your Business!

    This course if well worth the expense no matter whether you are just getting started or a seasoned blogger. It is filled with information I wish I had when I started blogging. But, especially if you already have a blog, Sarah gives a new perspective and digs deep into questions that help you gain focus and renew your excitement. I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking to start a blog or a seasoned blogger.

    Happily Ever After Blogger

    AWESOME experience and great information!!! To start a blog, these are things I never thought of or knew.

    If you are serious about blogging, this course is a must-have!!

    The Happily Ever Blogger course gets right into the “good stuff” that you need to succeed and warns you about what will hurt you. There is absolutely no fluff in this, which makes it faster to get through so you can start seeing results faster and it saves you on ink if you prefer to print it! Sarah has the ability to put herself in your shoes and guide you through the maze and get you started with integrity. I can’t recommend this course enough! I will be referring back to it often as I grow.

    Loved it!

    This course was amazing! The first few modules were the most valuable to me. I have been blogging for 8 years but for most of that time, I was selfish. I was focused only on what I could get from it - how much product, pageviews or money. I wasn't serving my readers. That is what I love (and what I find so inspiring) about Sarah and her website. Going through the exercises in this course helped me to see how I can serve my readers better. For the first time, I feel like I have a clear vision for my blog and the women I want to serve. I am truly excited for the future of my blog!

    HEB Course

    I was unsure of spending more money in a blogger course, but I’m SO GLAD I did. This course is filled with amazing information that even a skilled blogger needs to jump start their business. If you’re struggling to get your blog launched, unsure of how to make it better, then THIS is a must buy for you! Thank you so much for making it, Sarah :)