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Rewards Coupons For Kids

Rewards Coupons For Kids

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Want a FUN way to shower your kids with love and encouragement?

These cute Rewards Coupons For Kids are perfect for using as a behavior rewards system or as gifts!

There are a variety of COOL ideas included on the coupons, but some are also blank to allow you to add your own personalized activity or experience!

Kids thrive on positive reinforcement. These coupons will not only bring a smile to your their faces but also reward them for doing things well. It will help motivate them to do their chores, homework, be kind to their siblings, etc.

This goes way beyond a rewards system too…you are instilling such strong values and morals in them, teaching responsibility, and showing how important it is to put others before themselves.

You don't even have to have a reason to give these coupons, they can also be a "just because I love you" type of gift or to put them in their lunchboxes for school, and those are always the most thoughtful. 

You could also surprise your kids with a “trip to the park” coupon after a rough day at school, or if they have had their feelings hurt by a friend.

Coupons include:

  • Movie night
  • No chore of your choice
  • Sleepover at friends
  • Breakfast for dinner
  • Activity of your choice
  • 24 hrs control of the remote
  • Choice of dinner
  • Backyard campout
  • Game night
  • Ice cream sundae
  • 30 mins tech time
  • No chores day
  • Fun day
  • 30 mins past bedtime
  • Choice of dessert
  • Surprise
  • 1 dollars
  • 5 dollar
  • 10 dollars
  • 20 dollars
  • Special day with mom
  • Special day with dad
  • Go to park
  • Girls spa day
  • 8 blank coupons to add your own ideas


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