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Serving Others Cards

Serving Others Cards

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Serving others is a way of following Christ's example and fulfilling the commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves (Mark 12:31). When we serve others, we are serving God!!

These Serving Others Cards are the perfect way to remind yourself and others to make a positive impact on your community and everywhere you go! 

Simply print and cut out each square, then put them where you will see them throughout the day. On your fridge, bathroom mirror, dresser mirror, above a light switch, anywhere you'll see them regularly!

Using these with your kids will press the act of service on their hearts as well and will weave serving into the fabric of their being from a young age.

You could also use these cards to encourage others to serve by pinning them on notice/bulletin boards in:

  • Community centers, libraries, and churches
  • Schools and colleges
  • Banks
  • Workplaces
  • Local businesses
  • Senior centers
  • Grocery stores
  • Events - especially those focused on volunteering and community service
  • ...and more!

You have the power with your words and actions to help let them know you care and to shine Christ’s love on them. Use that power for good!

Prompt questions include:

  • How can I serve my family today?
  • How can I teach my children to serve today?
  • Who can I serve today?
  • Who can I serve by praying for them today?
  • Who can I thank for serving me today?
  • How can I encourage others to serve today?


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