Top 50+ Essential Oil DIY Recipes Binder {48 pages}

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If you want to save money and know how easy it is to create your own healthier products than what you can buy in the store, you'll LOVE this top 50+ essential oil DIY recipes binder!

Best of all, this binder is completely colorable! So grab your essential oils and your coloring pens, because this is gonna be a lot of fun!!!

Get instant access to this 48-page recipe binder, that includes 67 recipes total!

  1. Lemon Poppyseed Soap
  2. Green Tea Peppermint Sugar Scrub
  3. Floor Cleaner
  4. Fabric Softener
  5. Hair Mask
  6. Chalksicles
  7. Polka Dot Slime
  8. DIY Bouncy Balls
  9. Moon Sand
  10. Potpourri
  11. Refrigerator and Microwave Cleaner
  12. Wood Polish
  13. Gardener’s Hand Soap
  14. Rejuvenating Coffee Scrub
  15. Baby Powder
  16. Citrus Air Freshener
  17. Cuticle Cream
  18. Fun Soap For Kids
  19. Flavored Toothpicks
  20. Stove Top Cleaner
  21. Jewelry Polish
  22. Glass Cleanser
  23. Clay Facial Mask
  24. Sticker Removal
  25. Orange Creamsicle Lip Balm
  26. Razor Relief Serum
  27. All-Purpose Spray
  28. Natural Toilet-Cleaning Pods
  29. Rosemary Spearmint Soap
  30. Foaming Hand Soap
  31. Soft Scrub for Bath, Tile, and Toilet
  32. Aromatherapy Play Dough
  33. Salt Dough Holiday Ornaments
  34. Lip Balm
  35. Diaper Cream
  36. Dish Soap
  37. Homemade Makeup Brush Cleanser
  38. Herbal Hairspray
  39. Hair Wax
  40. All-Natural Deep Hair Conditioner
  41. Dry Shampoo
  42. Hair Perfume
  43. Bath Salt Ornaments
  44. Bubble Bath
  45. Fast Fizzing Bath Bombs
  46. Holiday Candy Cane Sugar Scrub
  47. Sugar Lip Scrub
  48. Garbage Disposal Refreshers
  49. Lip Gloss
  50. Moisturizing Lotion Bars
  51. Mouthwash
  52. Shaving Cream
  53. Bronzing Lotion Stick
  54. Deodorant Stick
  55. DIY Bubbles
  56. Body Butter
  57. Natural Body Wash
  58. Soothing Salve
  59. Kids DIY Paint
  60. Natural Air Freshener
  61. Aromatherapy Jewelry for Essential Oils
  62. DIY Flubber
  63. Hand Sanitizer
  64. Natural Sunscreen
  65. Baby Wipes with Essential Oils
  66. Soft Scrub Recipe for Bathrooms
  67. Fall Sugar Scrub

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        Customer Reviews

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        Great ideas, simple recipes


        Great thank you


        I always wanted to make something with essential oil and I found some recipe I'd love you try in these recipes. Thank you Sarah!

        So much goodie!

        Thank you for the wonderful ebook of DIY recipe projects! I can't wait to try them all!! Such a help when you don't know where to start! :)

        Great recipes, great offer!!

        For someone new to using essential oils, I am very thankful for these recipes!! Thank you so much!!