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Budget Bundle {1,000+ pages}

Budget Bundle {1,000+ pages}

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"I'm so sick of not having money. I can't take this anymore. What do I do?"

"I just wanna go back to having stable income again."

"Is this storm ever gonna end?"

"How do I dig myself out THIS month?"

"How can I go on pretending I'm fine when I'm drowning? Is there anyone else feeling like this too or is it just me?"

"I've been so careful but my savings are gone. Now what?!"

If you've said any of these things under your breath, there's help! You just need to get on the right track and I completely understand! I started out homeless! Now, I do really well and am in a very stable, level place in my life. 

Let's get you back on track A-SAP with this amazing Budget Bundle!!! 

There are over 1,000+ PDF printables in this bundle package...

You will receive:

1) Budgeting Money Binder - 220+ pages

The reason you're not getting out of this mess is because you can't manage what you aren't tracking! The second you start doing that, you'll have the power to fully control your whole financial outlook. This binder will show you exactly what to track to get you back on the right road!

2) Cash Envelopes Binder - 230+ pages

This binder is the perfect way to get your budgeting back on track. It's jam-packed with beautiful designs to help make budgeting fun! Plus, many of them include an accounting register on the front of the envelope so you can keep track of what you use the cash for.

3) Goals Planner - 110+ pages

In order to restore your finances, you MUST have a goal! Figure out what that is with this super handy Goals Planner. 

4) Coloring Hope Binder - 100+ pages

Don't lose hope! You got this! You can do it, I KNOW you can! This 31-day Christian devotional will give you the shot of motivation and encouragement you need to keep going, even in the toughest of days! 

5) Gifts Binder - 330+ pages

Gifts can be so expensive when you're living on fumes. Give nice gifts, in a CREATIVE way with this Gifts Binder!

6) Complete Romantic System - 9 pages

Love on your spouse and be sure you are not attacking him or living in hostility because of this hardship. He's not the enemy! 


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Customer Reviews

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Amazing Resources!

This bundle is PERFECT for anyone desperate to get their finances back on track! The budget binder is my life-saver. It makes it super easy to organize and track my money better.

Thanks to the gorgeous goals planner, I'm now able to set and track my goals with ease!

I LOVE the designs of the cash envelopes as well. They defo make budgeting more fun! The gifts binder is full of cute ideas too!

This bundle is packed FULL of everything you could possibly need to manage your money and more!