#1 Best Selling Book: How to Become Financially Free

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Do you feel stuck in debt? Like you're spinning your wheels, never getting ahead? No matter how hard you try, you feel as though you're not making any headway. Does it seem like it comes naturally for others, but not you and you don't know what to do? 

I've been there. I was $30,000 in debt. After my husband abandoned our family after 14 years of marriage, my kids and I ended up in a homeless shelter. Slowly, I dug my way out and today, just 3 years later, I make $10,000/month.

In order to make that cross over from one end of the spectrum to the other, you need to know some things. First, you need to know how it HAS been done, and I open up like NEVER before and go farther than I ever have before in this book, How to Become Financially Free. 

Why? Why would I share such personal details?

Because I feel that God has called me for a special purpose. That He has stood me up and set me apart in order that I can teach you. To teach the world that it IS possible. Everything that has happened in my life was so that I can stand here and tell YOU how YOU can do it too! But, in order for you to truly believe that YOU CAN do it, you need to see someone who HAS DONE IT.

Me simply telling you, “Hey, I have my dream life now,” makes no difference to you AT ALL UNLESS you know the WHOLE story.

Is it scary to open myself up like this? Absolutely! But, my thought is always this….

If I can help just ONE person get out of debt and live a financially free life, if I can help just ONE person BE SET FREE from the chains, guilt, and control of debt, then it’s worth it. So, I pray for courage as I gear up to release this amazing book!

Believe me, it’s been no small feat!

I’ve written it, rewritten it, edited for what seems like a gazillion times, had friends and professionals read it, critique it, and edit it themselves as well. It has gone through the RINGER!

Everyone I’ve talked to that has read it says the same thing…they can’t put it down! I know you are going to love it as much as everyone else, and I know it’s going to change the lives of many.


This book has hit #1 Best Selling List

"As a single mom who went from homeless to financially free, Sarah’s story is both compelling and inspiring. Filled with brutal honesty & no-holds-barred straight talk, How to Become Financially Free offers real life advice for even the most difficult of circumstances." - Ruth Soukup, New York Times bestselling author of Living Well, Spending Less: 12 Secrets of the Good Life

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